Autodesk Subscription

1.1  What is Autodesk Subscription?

Autodesk® Subscription is the best way to stay current with the latest design technology, while gaining the benefits of simplified software management, easy budgeting, e-Learning, and web support. For a fixed annual fee, you get access to software enhancements that keep your design tools up to date and make the most of your investment. Autodesk Subscription includes the following at no additional charge:

•  Access to all upgrades released during the subscription term
•  Download of extensions for products under subscription
•  Use of e-Learning lessons and knowledge assessments
•  Web support for your Autodesk® products under subscription (if included in your contract)
•  Access to the members-only Subscription Center
•  Subscription contract administration tools

Note: Certain program features may vary according to the product under subscription.

1.2  Who is Autodesk Subscription for?

Autodesk Subscription is available to all users worldwide for most Autodesk products. Check with your Autodesk Authorized Reseller for product availability or view the current list. Certain Autodesk products are offered exclusively through Autodesk Subscription.

1.3  What is included with subscription?

Features of the program include

•  Access to all upgrades released during the subscription term
•  Download of extensions for products under subscription
•  Web support direct from Autodesk technical experts for your products under subscription (if included in your contract)
•  e-Learning lessons for products and extensions
•  Access to the Subscription Center—a subscription members-only site on
•  A single contract number with a single renewal date, making it easy to manage and renew your subscription
•  A range of exclusive community resources including webcasts, an AutoCAD® weblog, and premium benefits at Autodesk University
•  Prequalification in the AutoCAD beta program

1.4  What is an extension?

Extensions are modular enhancements to some Autodesk software. They provide new functionality, are fully compatible with the base product, and are easy to learn. Extensions are available exclusively to Autodesk Subscription customers. They can be downloaded from the Subscription Center. Localized extensions for AutoCAD-based products are available only where localized versions of Autodesk software are sold on subscription.

1.5  What is web support?

Web support provides access to a secure website where customers can submit technical questions to Autodesk support staff through an interactive online interface (Support Request system). Questions are routed to Autodesk technicians who provide responses through the web and email. The website also includes incident reporting and tracking tools to monitor the status of all questions asked by the customer's organization and all responses provided by Autodesk. If your contract includes web support, make sure to name users that you wish to have access to the Support Request system. You can name one user for each seat covered by your contract.

1.6  What is e-Learning?

e-Learning features self-paced, interactive lessons for select Autodesk products. All registered members of the Subscription Center have access to the e-Learning that is available under their contract terms. Each lesson is 15–30 minutes in length. Lessons are organized into product catalogs. Each catalog contains 15–20 lessons, and new lessons are added periodically.

The lessons feature hands-on exercises, with an option to utilize a simulation instead of the software application. Users also can take a pretest to identify skills gaps and the lessons that will help most. A posttest then helps the users to gauge their progress. Access product e-Learning catalogs by the e-Learning link in the Subscription Center.

1.7  What is the Subscription Center?

The Subscription Center is a password-protected online application where subscription members access program benefits, downloads, exclusive community content, and Subscription Administration where you view your subscription coverage reports and maintain your contact information.

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