Autodesk MotionBuilder

Autodesk® MotionBuilder® is the industry-leading, real-time 3D character animation software for games, feature film, and television productions. With its core focus on interactive real-time workflows, MotionBuilder enables creative and technical artists to take on demanding, animation-intensive projects. MotionBuilder is a professional package designed for 3D data acquisition, manipulation, and visualization, which makes it not only an animation productivity solution, but a tool that drives the iterative process of creativity.

What's New in MotionBuilder 2009?

With its unique real-time, interactive 3D environment, Autodesk® MotionBuilder® 2009 software is an ideal choice for both animation production and virtual cinematography. Production teams are discovering that the real-time interactivity of Autodesk MotionBuilder not only makes animators far more productive, but it puts the creative control back in the hands of directors and cinematographers. This new release gives animators, technical directors, and moviemakers high-quality, interactive visualizations within the 3D viewport, an intuitive toolset for creating real-time simulations and expanded script development for tighter pipeline integration.

Autodesk® MotionBuilder® 2009 software is a powerful, real-time 3D character animation productivity suite for games, films, television, and multimedia. The latest enhancements and key features include:

Autodesk MotionBuilder 2009 New Features Demo
Autodesk® MotionBuilder® 2009 software delivers numerous advances in areas such as real-time simulation, pipeline integration and viewport rendering. This video will introduce you to key new features and functionality in each of these areas: including the new, fully integrated Python® editor and real-time rendering of complex lighting via hardware-accelerated shaders. Finally, you’ll learn how the new Rag Doll solver can be used to create a realistic simulation of a character falling and hitting the ground, and how to set up a real-time, rigid-body simulation using the 3D objects in a scene—a simulation that uses real-time collisions to prevent interpenetration of characters, objects and other scene elements.

Rigid-body Dynamics
You can now set up a real-time, rigid-body simulation using the 3D objects in your scene. Support for real-time collisions, in particular, may be used to prevent interpenetration of characters, objects, and other scene elements, which is invaluable for those looking to efficiently edit 3D animations involving characters interacting with objects.

Rag Doll Solver
The new Rag Doll solver enables you to simulate complex interactions between a character and its environment that would be time consuming and difficult to animate using traditional keyframing or motion capture techniques. This simulation can be applied to the character’s control-rig, and mixed with existing animation data or poses for increased realism (such as, a character falling and hitting the ground, or waving his arms wildly).

Enhanced Hardware Shader Support
Autodesk MotionBuilder 2009 provides support for new hardware-accelerated CG shaders*, including the Light Attenuation shader, and Normal Mapping shader, which delivers real-time display of normal maps created in Autodesk® Maya®, Autodesk® Mudbox™ or Autodesk® 3ds Max® software. There is now also support for version 2.0 of the CgFX library, enabling you to take advantage of the latest CgFX shader technology.

Python Scripting
The addition of an intelligent, fully integrated Python® scripting language editor enables you to develop, test, and refine your Python scripts within MotionBuilder. Support is provided for single and multi-line entry, tabbed workspaces, line numbering, color coding, history, hotkey support, drag and drop support, color coded error messages, and searching. You also get deeper access to MotionBuilder functionality through exposure of rendering codes, the FCurve % function, control rigs, and loading/merging of characters.

Support for Windows 64-bit
This release of MotionBuilder extends support to the 64-bit Intel and AMD-based Windows® platform, including Windows Vista® Business 64-bit operating system. Use the software on a 64-bit platform and benefit from significant performance improvements: 64-bit support allows you to address considerably more memory (up to 128 GB for Windows XP 64, for example). This enables you to handle larger and more complex scenes, and will improve performance in cases where swapping would previously occur.

The addition of Steering Wheel navigation and ViewCube™ navigation tools creates a more consistent navigation experience as you switch between MotionBuilder and other Autodesk products. MotionBuilder 2009 also delivers enhanced support for workflows involving MotionBuilder and the Autodesk 3ds Max Biped software, as well as the Autodesk Maya Full Body Inverse Kinematics (FBIK) character rig.

Product Documentation:
•  Autodesk MotionBuilder 2009 Brochure (171 Kb)