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Design Visualization

Using Maya for Automotive Visualization
See how Autodesk® Maya® software can be used in a workflow with the Autodesk® Alias® family of products to create a detailed automotive visualization.

Automotive Reel
See examples of leading automotive manufacturers, engineers, and designers using Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design and Autodesk® Maya® software to visualize their automotive designs for design validation and marketing communications.

The Swedish manufacturer of industrial floor grinders, HTC uses Autodesk Inventor to create digital prototypes. Those same prototypes are leveraged in 3ds Max Design to create stunning marketing materials without the cost of expensive photo shoots and physical models.

Armstrong White
See how the Detroit-based creative agency Armstrong White transforms automotive cad data into stunning visuals for print web and multimedia with Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya and Showcase.


2009 Animation Show Reel
Watch the 2009 animation show reel featuring outstanding 3D work in film, TV, and games created with Autodesk digital entertainment creation solutions.

The Best of the Best 2009
Watch the Best of the Best 2009 show reel and discover the eye-candy created by visual effects and animation artists around the world.

2008 Siggraph Show Reel
Watch the Siggraph 2008 show reel, showcasing the world’s best 3D work created with Autodesk 3D animation and effects software.

The Best of the Best 2008
Watch the most stunning work in film, TV and games created with Autodesk® visual effects and animation software in 2008.


2009 Games Show Reel
Watch the Autodesk 2009 Games show reel featuring outstanding game cinematics, trailers, or in-game sequences created by game studios around the world using Autodesk software.

GDC 2008 Show Reel
View some of the best game development work, produced with Autodesk software.